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Our clinical protocols are designed by the top doctors and professors, and use safe & effective pharmaceuticals to optimize your hormones & health.
The Maximus King Protocol

For the first time, there’s a clinically-validated protocol to meaningfully increase your testosterone & vitality that’s safe and effective even for healthy or young men. The Maximus King Protocol uses state-of-the-art telemedicine & mail order pharmacy delivered conveniently to your home. We’re so confident it works, we’ll prove it with before & after lab testing.

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  • Meaningfully boost your testosterone (1.5x to 2.5x improvement based on studies)
  • Convenient at-home hormone lab testing (before & after to prove results)
  • Safe and clinically-effective doctor prescribed medications & supplements.
  • Online group health coaching and for nutrition, exercise, sleep, and focus.
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Get Started with 3 Easy Steps
Doctor Consultation
Fill out an online assessment of your medical history, symptoms, and areas for optimization. Shortly after, a board-certified doctor will review your information and will provide treatment options for you.
At-Home Lab Test & Treatment
Upon doctor approval, you will be mailed an at-home lab test to measure your baseline hormone levels along with doctor prescribed medications delivered discretley and directly to your door.
Ongoing Optimization
You and your doctor will work together on an ongoing basis to optimize your treatment protocol, including refills and additional at-home lab tests to track progress and performance.
Monthly Membership
  • No hidden fees
  • Monthly follow ups with your clinician
  • Medication & ongoing support
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Benefits of optimal testosterone

Low testosterone or “Low T” is not just a problem for some men, it’s a problem for all of us, since our masculine birthright has been stolen. Studies show that increasing testosterone in men leads to improvements in:

Benefits of optimal testosterone
Increases lean muscle / fat-free mass which improves strength & athletic performance.
Improvements in anger, irritability, sadness, & nervousness.
Increased energy, friendliness, & well-being.
Higher sperm count and quality.
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Studies Show It’s Safe & Effective

The Maximus Protocol uses specially formulated compounds that are clinically researched and physician approved. They are known as Enclomiphene and Calcium Saccharate (Calcium D-Glucarate). Studies have shown the formula outperforms other testosterone solutions:

Maximus is Superior to other solutions

Other testosterone solutions are either ineffective or inconvenient. And some can pose health risks such as infertility. In addition, access to some of these solutions can be inconvenient & uncomfortable. With the Maximus King Protocol, we solve all this with a personalized program using cutting-edge technology and science.

Maximus King ProtocolTestosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)Supplements & "T Boosters"
Meaningfully increases testosteroneX
Minimal side effectsX
Improves fertility (vs. causes infertility)XX
Increases testicular size (vs. causes shrinkage)X
Pharmaceutical grade / free from impuritiesX
Convenient pills - no needles/messy creams
  • Increases testosterone
  • Minimal side effects (especially estrogenic)
  • Avoids infertility but increases it
  • Tested for impurities / heavy metals
  • Convenient pills - No needles
  • Consultation, Lab Testing, and Delivery can all be done online and at-home
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What Customers Are Saying
After joining the squads, It gave me excess accountability that I needed.” encouragement to people. I can look for great things in people and point it out for them. Thank you Dr. Cam, you are a great Brother.
Our Medical Advisors
Wayne Hellstrom, MD
Wayne Hellstrom, MD
Professor of Urology, Chief of Andrology, Tulane School of Medicine
Jim Hotaling, MD
Jim Hotaling, MD
Associate Professor of Urology, University of Utah Health
Matt Coward, MD
Matt Coward, MD
Associate Professor of Urology, UNC School of Medicine
Rand McClain, DO
Rand McClain, DO
Founder, Regenerative & Sports Medicine
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We believe that mature masculinity (and femininity) is a healthy and healing force in society. We leverage the science of pharmacology & psychology to enable men to maximize their potential and performance.