The King Protocol uses a convenient, prescription capsule that stimulates your body’s own natural testosterone production. It’s effective – with none of the painful injections, messy creams, or side effects associated with other testosterone treatments.

68% of men report better energy, happiness, sexual function, work & athletic performance, while on The King Protocol!

See results:

  • Increased energy
  • More lean mass
  • Greater motivation
  • More confidence

What's included:

  • Prescription medication capsules
  • Licensed doctor consultations
  • Live coaching & community
  • Priority 2 day shipping for meds

Monthly treatment costs:

  • $19999 for doctors visit, coaching, meds (if qualified)
  • At-home lab tests required in months 1 and 2 ($72.50 each)

What Customers Are Saying

Maximus protocol blew away my expectations!

"The impact of the Maximus protocol blew away my expectations. My testosterone was not low and it still nearly doubled in only a month. I felt bold, driven, and imperturbable in a way I'd never experienced. For anyone trying to up level their game, this could change everything."

Justin S.

Justin S.4 months on King Protocol

Enclomiphene: The Safer & More Effective Solution


Unlike TRT, enclomiphene increases your natural testosterone production. Experience a 1.5-2.5X testosterone boost without the testicular shutdown, shrinkage, infertility, and dependence of dated alternatives.

Replacement Therapy
Increases Testosterone 1.5-2.5XProven by lab tests, results you can feel.
Doesn't Shut Down Your TesticlesMaintains your size, function, & fertility.
Safe on HairDoesn't increase DHT:T ratio, minimal side effects.
Easy to Take CapsulesNo inconvenient injectables or messy creams.
Most Men Are EligibleBased on symptoms not just low T.
Learn more about enclomiphine.

More Than Just a Prescription

At-Home Lab Testing

At-Home Lab Testing

CLIA-certified lab tests shipped to your door, allowing you and your doctor to monitor your testosterone levels before and after starting treatment. See an increase in your testosterone levels or your money back.

Community & Coaching

Community & Coaching

Every man deserves a band of brothers who support each other along their journey. For this reason Maximus has created a community of men for sharing personal knowledge, giving feedback, and achieving a higher sense of brotherhood. Customers get prioritized access to personalized health coaching on nutrition, exercise, sleep, focus, and more.

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Maximus Building Blocks

Covering All Your Bases:

Maximus Building Blocks

Fat-soluble vitamin deficiencies are basically hormone deficiencies.

That’s why Maximus has formulated the Building Blocks supplement, which provides the foundation for hormone optimization and energy production. All ingredients are pharmaceutical-grade and leverage vitamins and minerals in dosages and forms that maximize absorption and metabolic action.



Discounted price

when you include Maximus Building Blocks in your King Protocol subscription

Real Men, Real Results



28 years old

1.8x Total Testosterone

“I want to excel beyond my peers. Maximus gives me the edge of being dialed-in 24/7. It’s my cheat code to life.”



Medical Questionnaire

Medical Questionnaire

Start by completing a medical questionnaire to capture your health needs and goals. A licensed doctor will review it with you and answer any questions you have.

Created By Top Doctors In Men’s Health

Associate Professor of Urology, UNC School of Medicine
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Founder, Regenerative & Sports Medicine
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Professor of Urology, Chief of Andrology, Tulane School of Medicine
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Associate Professor of Urology, University of Utah Health
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Family Medicine & Endocrinology, Reading Hospital
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How do I know The King Protocol works?

Extensive scientific research and clinical practice have vetted the oral medications used in The King Protocol. You can learn more about the research behind The King Protocol here.

The King Protocol includes CLIA-certified at-home lab testing to evaluate your “before and after” results. These lab kits allow you to see the results for yourself, and are used by your clinician to optimize the pharmaceutical dosage to your unique needs.

Maximus stands behind The Protocol with a Money Back Guarantee which you can learn more about here.

Is The King Protocol as effective as TRT?

The Maximus King Protocol is a safer alternative to TRT. It is based on extensive scientific research and clinical practice that has validated our approach. In fact, a recent review by top experts concluded that our therapy should “become the primary medication for men with secondary hypogonadism (low T) who wish to preserve spermatogenesis (fertility)… and is “a very promising drug for patients with secondary hypogonadism and who are concerned about the negative effects of exogenous testosterone (TRT).” Read more about how we increase testosterone levels by an average of ~2X here.

What is the cost and what’s included?

The treatment cost for the King Protocol is $199.99/month, which includes doctor consultation and medication (if qualified).

Labs are required in months 1 and 2, and cost $72.50 each. The first kit is shipped upon completion of your onboarding intake to capture your baseline hormone levels. The second kit is shipped upon completion of your followup intake (~30 days later) to capture your hormone changes on The King Protocol. If additional labs are required, costs are passed through directly to you at no profit to Maximus.

Does The Protocol have any adverse side effects (like hair loss)?

General adverse effects

The adverse effects of enclomiphene have been extensively studied during phase II and phase III clinical trials. The drug is generally well tolerated, however infrequent side effects may occur such as:

— Headache (observed in 3.3% of patients)
— Nausea (observed in 2.1% of patients)
— Diarrhea (observed in 1.9% of patients)
— Common Cold (observed in 1.7% of patients)
— Hot flush (observed in 1.7% of patients)
— Joint pain (observed in 1.2% of patients)
— Dizziness (observed in 1% of patients)

Overall, there was no evidence of drug toxicity and rates of adverse events were not significantly different from placebo. 1

Hair loss

Some people ask how our protocol could affect hair loss, because they've heard Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) worsens hair loss, since testosterone converts to DHT, another androgenic hormone that may contribute to male pattern baldness.

Our protocol is very different than TRT by stimulating your own natural production of testosterone, which affects DHT differently than synthetic testosterone taken from outside of the body. A study showed that testosterone replacement gel (1% 10g) increased DHT by 8X as much as enclomiphene, even at higher dosages than what we typically use (12.5-50 mg).

TRT also shifts the balance between the two hormones (DHT:TT ratio) towards DHT, while enclomiphene maintains the balance. Thus, enclomiphene should have minimal effect on hair loss compared to Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT), and is much more "hair safe/friendly" for most people. 2

If you are experiencing these or other side effects, please immediately contact your licensed clinician through the patient portal.

1. Earl JA, Kim ED. Enclomiphene citrate: A treatment that maintains fertility in men with secondary hypogonadism. Expert Rev Endocrinol Metab. 2019;14(3):157-65.

2. Ronald D. Wiehle, PhD, Gregory K. Fontenot, PhD, Michael S. Willett, PharmD, Wilfredo D. Garcia, MD, and Joseph S. Podolski, BS, MS. Enclomiphene Citrate Stimulates Serum Testosterone in Men With Low Testosterone Within 14 Days Journal of Men's Health.Dec 2014.196-205.

What states is The Protocol available in?

We are currently available in the following states: AZ, CA, CO, CT, DE, FL, GA, MA, MI, MO, NC, NH, NV, NY, OH, UT, WA, WI, WY.

We are expanding as quickly as possible. In the meantime, sign up for our newsletter to get updates and gain access to our free E-Book and Discord community. You can sign up by visiting Testosterone 101 or scrolling to the bottom of this page and providing your email.

Can I use my HSA or FSA card to pay for The Protocol?

Maximus accepts Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA).

Using your HSA/FSA is easy. Simply use your HSA/FSA card as you would any other debit or credit card when providing your billing information.

HSA/FSA plans vary on what services they are willing to cover. If you are uncertain whether your plan covers Maximus' services, check with your plan administrator.

Does Maximus guarantee results on The King Protocol?

Yes. If you do not see increased testosterone, as validated with at-home lab testing, you may be eligible for your money back.

For more details: Maximus Money Back Guarantee