In the Maximus podcast, Dr. Cam interviews elite performers & role models as a clinician would to get their life stories and actionable advice. Also, Dr. Cam hosts a call-in radio show every week where he provides live coaching and answers any questions on how to optimize mind, body, & masculinity (Thursdays at 6PM PST).
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About Dr. Cam

Dr. Cam Sepah is a Clinical Psychologist and Professor of Psychiatry at UCSF Medical School. He is an expert in mind-body medicine, and pioneered the field of digital therapeutics (software as treatment) as Founding Medical Director of Omada Health.

Dr. Cam

As CEO of Maximus, he fulfills his mission to help men become better in body & mind using cutting-edge science. Dr. Cam has spent years researching and testing an alternative to old-school treatments and the risks that come with it, and created the Maximus protocol for men like him. Coupled with content, community, and coaching, Maximus is a powerful and effective program to maximize their hormones and holistic health. With Maximus, all men can transcend their potential to look, feel, and perform their best.

Dr. Cam
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